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A new take on windrowers: Scotts innovates with novel conversion kit for GRIMME GT 170 trailed harvesters

Scotts Precision Manufacturing, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of vegetable harvesting equipment, takes pride in the launch of its innovative GT 170 Windrower Conversion kit. The kit allows owners of the GRIMME GT 170 trailed harvester to convert seamlessly into a fully functioning windrower without modifications to the host machine.

According to Derek Scott, managing director of the company, the conversion kit directly replaces the elevator module. As the kit is attached to the harvester through existing elevator fixing points, there is no need to modify the host machine and thus can be returned to its original set-up quickly.

Scotts’ conversion kit features a 5.3m long cross conveyor that allows the lifted crop to be moved gently over the two rows next to the machine and deposited into the centre of the next pair of rows. The hydraulically powered conveyor can be positioned to discharge on the left or the right of the windrower. The conveyor has five sections and features self-cleaning and a soft low flighted 790mm wide sheeted PVC web.

Says Derek: “The GT 170 Windrower Conversion kit integrates into the GRIMME control box, with the tip ends controlled by the original elevator swanneck up/down control switches. A separate left or right diverter valve is operated from an in-cab toggle switch within a 4″ PVC control box that is held in place with magnets.

“Scotts has utilised the main elevator section to control the left and right movement of the conveyor. The conveyor belt drives via the original elevator web drive and the toggle switch mounted on the control box.”

A maximum of eight 36” rows can be lifted without moving the crop twice, which is beneficial to the user when making an opening for the harvester and the trailer. An additional benefit of the new kit is that the offside wheel can remain in its original position as there is no need to dispense the crop into the valley where the wheel runs.

Derek points out that Scotts has ensured that the drop height is as low as possible as both ends of the conveyor feature a hydraulic ram, which allow the tip end to be lowered. For easy transportation, Scotts has engineered the conveyor in such a way that it can fold up to 90 degrees on each end, bringing the overall width within legal highway limits. Scotts’ engineers have ensured that the conveyor cannot be folded by mistake by incorporating an electro-hydraulic safety system.

“Traditional lifting with multiple 2 row trailed harvesters is becoming less and less attractive,” says Derek. “Adverse weather patterns are driving the larger growers towards high cost self-propelled tanker harvesters and on occasion chaser trailers to keep conventional trailers out of the rows. Our solution is far more cost effective and gives a second life of a previously expensive harvester by re-purposing it.”

Derek further points out that the advantages of windrowing are well known, but in summary:

  • Opening up field breaks to avoid ‘nipping of rows’
  • Opening up the field and headlands create much needed space for following harvester and trailers where tyre choice is no longer an issue
  • Elevator harvester able to load trailers in half the time, potentially reducing trailer numbers
  • Windrower is self-sufficient so can start sooner in the day and generally lifts more crop as there is no waiting for trailers
  • Proven to reduce overall damage to the crop by filling the harvester and reducing roll back

The kit, which costs £22,000, comes fully assembled with hydraulic hoses and cables for direct connection to the host harvester. Users have the option of fitting it themselves or asking Scotts or one of its dealers to install the kit for them.

For more information about the conversion kit, go here. More information of Scotts can be found at, call 01205 270 128 or email Derek at

The video below can also be watched on Scotts’ YouTube channel, where numerous other Scotts products are also featured – find the channel here. Scotts Precision Manufacturing, which was established in 1994, also designs and manufactures a wide range of haulm toppers and the unique Evolution separator, which quickly and effectively removes stones, clod and loose soil from a wide range of vegetables.

Source: Scotts Precision Manufacturing

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