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Elea breaking into Chinese snack and chips market with new PEF system

Liwayway (China) Co. Ltd., with its brand Oishi and more than 100 product varieties, is one of the leading snack companies in Asia. From its humble beginnings of “gawgaw” and coffee 70 years ago, it has taken on bigger and more exciting adventures.

In 1974, Oishi was brought to life and has become the much-celebrated snack brand, with iconic products like Oishi Prawn Crackers and Kirei. The adventure continued with a dash of creativity and innovation from products like Marty’s Cracklin’ Vegetarian Chicharon, to surprise bursts of chocolate from Pillows. Today, Oishi’s “The World of O, Wow!” continues to expand, leaving trails of fun and flavorful treats across Asia: China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, and India.

In 2021, a first Elea PEF Advantage B1 system has been installed in Liwayway´s potato chips line in close cooperation with Elea’s regional partner for China – Beijing Lenno Trade Co., Ltd.

Elea systems use a non-thermal effect termed electroporation, a low-energy and short-in-time process to induce cell disintegration, manage tissue texture and improve mass and energy transport. As a leading supplier of Pulsed Electric Fields (PEF) systems for the food and beverage industry, Elea has installed since its foundation in 2012 more than 200 industrial-scale systems in French fries, potato chips processing, vegetable and fruit juice industries.

Elea PEF benefits included a higher slicing performance and yield, reduced frying time and temperature, a lower oil uptake and improved final product quality. Recently, Liwayway has placed an order for a second unit to be commissioned in October this year.

At Elea and Lenno we are honored and proud to work with the Liwayway Marketing Corporation team.

Elea PEF demo and test center in Beijing

Beijing Lenno Trade Co., Ltd. is a professional agency for advanced food processing machinery, imported from Europe and North America and Elea’s exclusive agent for the Chinese market.

Besides our Elea PEF systems from Quakenbruck, Lenno’s imported machinery include FAM cutters from Belgium, MHS slicers and KOLBE bandsaws/mincers from Germany, KEY sorters/shakers from the Netherlands and USA, and FINIS vege processing lines from the Netherlands, etc.

Lenno focuses not only on single machine sets but also on turn-key projects with comprehensive production lines. Meanwhile, Lenno also provides its customers professional after-sale services and technical support.

In 2021, Lenno established an over 800 sqm demo centre and testing lab in its Beijing office. It is currently equipped with Elea’s PEF Advantage B1 system, varieties of FAM cutters, and other demo machines of imported food processors.

Lenno believes that it is very important to have demo machines available for visits and trials to provide visual and accurate test results for reference before purchase. Therefore, Lenno is welcoming customers from all around China to visit and test at any time.

Find out more about Beijing Lenno Trade Co., Ltd. and our Elea PEF Advantage systems at

Source: Elea

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