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Heatwave to push up price of chips, say British potato farmers

The price of chips is set to increase after recent high temperatures ravaged crops, potato growers in Britain have warned. According to a BBC report, farmers said the heatwave had added to pressures caused by rising costs linked to the war in Ukraine.

The East Yorkshire-based British Potato Trade Association (BPTA) said the heatwave had compromised the “yield and quality” of potato crops. North Yorkshire grower John Bannister said his crop was down 40%, with the next harvest “looking horrendous”.

Mr Bannister said: “A potato is over 80% water, so it’s not hard to see why there’s a problem given the dry conditions. “The long-range forecast is not looking great either. If there is no rain soon, we will be in a very sorry state.”

A BPTA spokesman said southern and eastern areas of Britain were currently experiencing the worst growing conditions linked to the record-breaking temperatures. He added: “Now is a crucial time for potato growers. If it stays dry much longer, we are looking at seriously reduced yields.”

Source: BBC. Read the full story here
Photo: North Yorkshire farmer John Bannister says his next potato harvest looks “horrendous”. Credit John Bannister via the BBC

Lukie Pieterse, Editor & Publisher

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