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Australian farmers warn of 30 per cent potato price rise

“Gone are the days when spare change was enough to get your hands on our salty favourites, as the cost of living continues to eat up our savings,” writes Carly Douglas of NCA Newswire in this news story published by

A 4kg bag of humble potatoes is set to join iceberg lettuce in the $12 club at Australian supermarkets in coming weeks as farmers warn of a potential 30 per cent price rise. And with a price hike in potatoes comes a jump in the price of Australian’s beloved hot chips, with rises expected at restaurants, fish and chip shops, fast-food chains and pubs.

Fuel price surges, a jump in production costs, wages and electricity prices are being blamed for eye-watering potato prices, with the cost of fertiliser tripling as a result of the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Source: Full story and a video here
Photo: Potato farmers are struggling to keep up as the cost of production soars. Credit David Geraghty / The Australian via

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