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‘FreshFry Pods’: Plant-based cooking oil filtering solutions launches in Canada, other international markets to follow

FreshFry, the makers of plant-powered pods that extend the life of cooking oil, announces today the expansion of its signature FreshFry Pods to international markets.

This milestone step for the sustainable food technology company is made possible by Sysco, which chose Sysco Classic Fry Oil Filter Pods (known widely as ‘FreshFry Pods’) as a flagship for innovation. The expansion plan will implement Sysco Classic Fry Oil Filter Pods in restaurants, commercial kitchens and more across ten countries worldwide. 

First of its kind innovation 

This initiative is the first of its kind at Sysco and was selected by an innovation council representing a dozen countries. The 3-phased launch begins today with Sysco’s businesses in the Bahamas, Panama, Canada (re-launch following an initial launch in January), as well as International Food Group, Sysco’s export business, which will ship to South America.

In the following months, Sysco will distribute pods to Ireland, France, Sweden, Mexico, Costa Rica, and the UK via Brakes. Operators should place orders through their local Sysco representative or online at Outside of the United States, FreshFry Pods are available exclusively through Sysco. 

“The Sysco Classic Frying Pod provides solutions to help commercial kitchens address inflation and supply challenges in the global edible oil market,” said Collin Williams, Director of International Merchandising, Sysco. “Sysco is proud to support the growth of this plant-based technology that helps to mitigate waste, while also saving operators time, money, and labor.” 

Generating savings to restaurant owners

Since its inception in 2014, FreshFry Pods have generated savings to restaurant owners in a multitude of areas including less overall oil usage, reduced build-up of oil in and around fryers, and lower labor costs for maintenance and disposal of oil – all with no additional equipment needed.  

Plus, it is easy to use – simply drop a FreshFry pod into a commercial fryer at the end of the day and allow it to attract water, metals, acids, and other impurities that come from food and destroy oil. This results in oil life extension by 2-3 days on average, which is $1500 net savings, per year, per fryer.

Aside from the average cost savings, customers will save a considerable amount of time and labor on filtering—as much as 1 hour per store per day if filtered twice per day—because FreshFry pods are designed to be simple.

It’s the only self-contained purification system on the market, meaning no messy dosing and room for error, and works overnight during fryer downtime while staff is away. Even more, consumers, too, enjoy the benefits of FreshFry Pods, as they can enjoy higher-quality food that looks, smells, and tastes better.  

Transforming waste

FreshFry, at its core, is an environmental waste management company that uses oil filtration as its primary means of achieving its ultimate goal: to transform waste into a promising future. This is the only plant-based solution of its kind on the market, eliminating the need for the existing harsh synthetic solutions.

FreshFry Pods are an upcycled product that would otherwise go to landfill and prevents edible oil from disposal sooner than it needs to be because of the quality life extension it provides. For every Pod used, 8.6 pounds of waste is redeployed and/or prevented from entering the landfill.

In December 2021, FreshFry fulfilled its pledge of redeploying 10 million pounds of environmental waste through the work of Pods. The company pledges to increase that goal to 1 billion pounds by 2031. 

Creator of proprietary technology 

Chemical Engineer and FreshFry Co-Founder and CEO Jeremiah Chapman created the proprietary technology behind FreshFry Pods. Growing up cooking with his grandmother, Jeremiah always had an interest in frying and oil. It was not until he began studying Chemical Engineering at the University of Louisville when he began researching how to use plant scraps to clean oil and, after many conversations with industry chefs, FreshFry was born.

Jeremiah has since been recognized by Forbes Magazine’s 30 Under 30 and was named an Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year by the Kentucky Entrepreneur Hall of Fame in 2021. 

For more information about FreshFry or to purchase products, visit or find the company on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Contact FreshFry for a consultation at For more information about Sysco, visit

Source: FreshFry

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