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PCN Action Scotland to host open day at PCN trial site

PCN Action Scotland, a project funded by the Scottish Government, is hosting an open day at a PCN trial site near Forfar, Angus on the 16th of August. The event is organised by SAC Consulting Solutions.

There will be a morning session 10.30am – 12pm, and an afternoon session 1pm – 2.30pm. Both sessions will offer the chance to:

  • See a demonstration of Globodera pallida resistant varieties, the difference between tolerance and intolerance to PCN and trap crops
  • Speak with people from the James Hutton Institute, SRUC and Scottish Agronomy about PCN trials and research.
  • Hear from Jim Wilson (SoilEssentials) about groundkeeper control and Martin Cessford (Angus Horticulture) about chitin compost.

Go here for further details and to register.

Source: SAC Consulting via Eventbright
Photo: Courtesy and credit SAC Consulting

Lukie Pieterse, Editor & Publisher

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