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France forms crisis unit to face ‘worst drought on record’

The French government activated a crisis unit to deal with the worst drought on record, and warned conditions could get worse, as Samy Adghirni reports for Bloomberg.

The inter-ministerial task force will coordinate water supply to areas most affected and track the drought’s impact on energy production and agriculture, the office of Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne said Friday.

“This drought is the worst ever recorded in our country,” Borne’s office said in a statement. “The lack of rain is aggravated by the accumulation of successive heat waves which reinforce evaporation and water needs.”

The crisis is “a tragedy for our farmers, our ecosystems and for biodiversity,” according to the prime minister’s statement.

Source: Bloomberg. Read the full story here
Photo: A beetroot field during drought conditions in a crop field on an arable farm in Aisne, France. Credit: Laurel Chor/Bloomberg
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Lukie Pieterse, Editor & Publisher

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