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Fact sheet: Managing blackleg in potatoes

This fact sheet on blackleg in potatoes was compiled by Hort Innovation and RM Consulting Group (RMCG) in Australia, and published online by AUSVEG. It provides information on management strategies of blackleg, the bacteria which commonly cause the disease, and what growers can do to prevent and manage it.

Blackleg on potato can be caused by either Pectobacterium or Dickeya species, and they often work together in different combinations to cause this disease. Both bacteria species belonging to the Pectobacteriaceae family.

In Australia, bacteria causing Blackleg was previously classified as Erwinia species.

Further resources on blackleg noted in the fact sheet include:
Control of black leg, black scurf and other postharvest storage rots of seed potatoes | PT105 (1996) Rolf de Boer, Agriculture Victoria
Blackleg on Potatoes in Australia (2019) | S.B. Johnson, AuSPICA
Review Bacterial Blackleg Disease and R&D Gaps with a Focus on the Potato Industry | PT18000 (2018) Len Tesoriero, Crop Doc Consulting

Source: AUSVEG. The full factsheet can be viewed here
Photo: Blackleg of potatoes. Courtesy and credit publishers of this factsheet

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