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International Potato Innovation Centre planned for Scotland

Plans have been unveiled for a new International Potato Innovation Centre (IPIC) in Scotland. As Ewan Pate reports for Farmers Guardian, it will cost an estimated £40 million, and will be constructed at James Hutton Institute’s (JHI’s) Mylnefield campus and partner the International Barley Hub – which is already under construction and likely to be completed in 2024.

Speaking at the Potatoes in Practice event on August 11 at JHI’s nearby Balruddery Farm, Prof Lesley Torrance, director of science at the institute, said there was a definite need for such a facility.

New glasshouses will allow breeders to make the most of the genetic variation within the Commonwealth Potato Collection already housed at JHI with an ‘industry-led’ approach to be taken.

Source: Farmers Guardian. Full story here
Photo: Credit Henry Gartley from Pixabay 

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