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Protect potato crops from pests and disease for strong early-season stands that deliver

As North American potato growers are working to maximize their yield potential for the 2022 harvest, it’s also time to start thinking about maximizing crop potential for the 2023 season, according to a news article by Syngenta Crop Protection.

Potato plants encounter many threats in the early season, which is a crucial time for establishing plant health. Growers can reduce early-season risk with a management plan that addresses insects and disease at planting. Diseases like Fusarium dry rot and Rhizoctonia can infect seedlings, causing the death of stolons and stems, weakened roots and stunted plant growth.

Protecting against diseases with a broad-spectrum fungicide and a neonicotinoid seed treatment, such as Cruisermaxx® Vibrance® Potato, helps control insects like the Colorado potato beetle, aphids, potato psyllid and leafhoppers, according to Syngenta. Growers can reduce early-season risk with a management plan that addresses insects and diseases at planting.

“CruiserMaxx Vibrance Potato seed treatment is an effective option for potato growers looking to start the season strong,” said Brian Danaher, product marketing lead at Syngenta. “This product offers a complete set of fungicide and insecticide activity to protect young plants, whether the threat is RhizoctoniaHelminthosporium and Fusarium or a multitude of below- and above-ground pests.”

Enhancing germination, increasing vigor, and improving stand establishment is key to minimizing risk and optimizing marketable yield and quality. Ultimately, getting potato crops off to a strong, healthy start can lead to better tuber distribution and greater uniformity at harvest, both of which are important for marketability and profit potential.

“The power provided from the combination of the four active ingredients in this product is unparalleled in the market,” Danaher said. “Additionally, the liquid formulation provides an easy to use option which is accurate and cost effective, so growers can trust that they are fully protecting their seed investment from day one.”

Liquid seed treatments also increase efficiency by offering convenience and ease of use when it comes to application, versus a dry seed treatment.

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Source: Syngenta Crop Protection | Syngenta Group

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