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Scotts’ Evolution Separator on display at PotatoEurope event

Scotts Precision Manufacturing Ltd will be exhibiting its Evolution Separator at PotatoEurope in Hanover, Germany this week. Attendees will find the company at Exhibition area G, stand D16 on Wednesday and Thursday.

“We have been continually developing our industry leading Evolution Separator, best known for its ability to give exceptional cleaning capacity amongst most root crops,” says Derek Scott Managing Director.

“Fifteen years constant development of the separator together with everything we have learnt along the way, has enabled us to further develop the system to perform equally well with a number of fruits, vegetables, brassicas and alliums.”

Efficient dirt removal

The Evolution Separator works by removing dirt between 2 counter-rotating rollers. The larger roller (spiral roller) has air chambers and is deformable with a spiral rib. The smaller roller (clod roller) is smooth with a choice of finishes.

Derek points out that the clever “spiral rib” design pulls the debris into the valley between the rollers where, if the debris is soft enough, it is then shredded and ejected down under the separator. Stones will also pass between the rollers, since the “spiral roller” easily deforms around the stone and does not allow crop losses at this time.

If larger rocks enter the valley and the spiral roller is not sufficiently deformed, there is a safety mechanism that allows the clod roller to spring away momentarily.

Strong demand worldwide

Scotts enjoy a strong demand for the Evolution separator worldwide, primarily for potato and carrot growers and processers, Derek says.

“We are looking to broaden the appeal of our separator. Its very important for us to have direct contact with the end user to better understand the specific needs and drive further development. Being face to face at events like PotatoEurope with potential future customers is by far the best way to work.”

Source: Scotts Precision Manufacturing Ltd
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