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Survey: Retail potato prices jump 60% in Britain, farmers say the worst is still to come

The prices of basic foods including chicken, vegetables, milk and potatoes have increased by up to 60% in local supermarkets in Britain over the last six months. According to a report by Joel Adams for Eastern Daily Press (EDP), a standard 2.5kg bag of white potatoes in both Sainsbury’s and Tesco are now an eye-watering 61 or 62% more expensive than in April respectively, and have shot up 51% in Aldi too.

The figures are revealed in EDP’s latest monthly survey of local prices in the six largest supermarkets.

Norfolk potato farmers said the massive jump represented “normal market value” after two years of loss-making prices. They warned that the summer’s drought – combined with producers abandoning potatoes for more lucrative crops amid increasing energy costs – will mean retail prices continue to climb through the autumn.

Pete Legge, of Legge Farms in Southery, said he has heard three major Norfolk potato producers will abandon the crop after this year’s harvest – projected to be the worst for decades after the driest summer since 1976 – while most others are reducing the acreage given over to the tubers. “It’s just too much investment,” Mr Legge explained.

Source: Eastern Daily Press (EDP). Read the full story here
Image: The sixth month of EDP’s inflation tracking project reveals potato prices have shot up 60% in just a few weeks. Image credit: Archant via EDP

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