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Webinar: Elea specialists to discuss benefits, ROI of PEF technology for processors

Elea will host a webinar on Tuesday, September 27th during which participants will learn more about the company’s PEF Advantage systems and the benefits of raw product treated with Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) technology. Elea specialists will guide participants through the production process of chips and French fries – with a focus on the numerous benefits of PEF technology during each phase of the process.

Managing Director Stefan Töpfl and Elea’s Scientific Engineer Kevin Hill will discuss the benefits in practical terms and explain in detail the return of investment that processors can expect, including savings in frying oil, energy and water costs. 

The Elea PEF Advantage Belt system improve product quality and yield whilst reducing processing costs. Raw material treated with Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) technology are easier to cut or slice, and furthermore show less breakage during processing. PEF application enables a shortened frying time and temperature, and further reduces undesirable changes in overall quality of the end product. 

At the end of the webinar, there will be a Q&A session allowing participants to address any questions they might have about PEF technology. 

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The presenters

Kevin Hill, R&D Engineer at Elea:
Kevin graduated with a master’s degree in food technology in 2018 and has been working at Elea as a food engineer ever since. As part of the research and development department at the company, he is responsible for snack applications such as French fries and chips.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Töpfl, Managing Director at Elea:
Stefan is a food engineer with a focus on process and equipment design, process efficiency and targeted energy use in the food industry. He headed the Business Unit Process Technologies at the German Institute of Food Technologies (DIL). With a team of scientists, they have developed processing technologies for the food industry and equipment manufacturers, including Pulsed Electric Field systems. Stefan is Managing Director at Elea GmbH since 2017.

Source: ELEA

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