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And then there is the matter of the ‘packaged, skinny little tortured spud’…

“You’ve got your foodies, you’ve got your chefs and then the category of bloody good cooks. But somewhere in there are the foodsters, people who simply like food and prefer to eat it without deep fried grapes, sun dried pansies or a jus,” writes Diane Cassere in a tongue-in-cheek article published by the Daily Maverick.

“For instance,” she writes, “the foodster will tend to regard an avocado as a salad item, or perhaps something to spread on toast. He or she will not expect it to pitch up at breakfast or be lodged inside a steak with a piece of feta and a sprig of parsley. For heaven’s sake, a good piece of steak can stand alone, there is no need to stuff it or God forbid, …butterfly a fillet.”

It is Diane Cassere’s opinion that “the most prevalent abuse of a vegetable is that of the potato. Manipulate the potato at your peril, it is the start of a moral decline let alone a crime against foodstuffs. In its pristine state, be it mashed, baked or deep fried, the potato is soul food. There is no need to invent dressings for it or twist it into bizarre shapes. …And let me be clear, the foodster does not recognise the potato wedge as a chip [fry]”.

Source: Daily Maverick. Read the full story here
Photo: Credit Fernanda Martinez on Unsplash

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