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Shoppers warned of shorter chips after heatwave and drought blights Britain’s potato crops

Farmers warned supermarkets will be selling shorter chips and smaller potatoes after a lack of rain this summer impacted crops. After a record-breaking summer and widespread drought in August, Tim Rooke, chair of the National Farmers Union’s potato forum, said the industry had struggled, as Dylan Donnelly reports for the Express.

Mr Rooke said the summer had been “very difficult” for the industry, with the yield for those who had not been able to irrigate their crops down between 25 percent and 40 percent.

He said the sector was also facing spiralling costs, with fertiliser prices around four times higher and energy bills through the roof. Mr Rooke also noted a “big concern” for the industry is the additional cost they will face to store the crop in a cold store.

Source: Express. Read the full story here
Photo: Credit Getty via Express

Lukie Pieterse, Editor & Publisher

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