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Chip shortage: Popular supermarket item ‘wiped’ from Aussie shelves amid potato shortage

Supermarkets have been hit by an unexpected product shortage as a result of the ongoing weather and supply chain issues in Australia, as Rebekah Scanlan reports for

Farmers have been warning of a national potato shortage for months after huge amounts of crops were “wiped out” by wild weather earlier in the year.

In the aftermath, pubs and restaurants began reporting difficulties getting hold of hot chips as supplies dwindled and costs surged. Now another potato item has been hit, with supermarkets reporting potato chip stock levels have been “impacted” by the adverse weather.

PepsiCo Australia, which manufactures some of the country’s most beloved chips including Smith’s, Twisties, Sunbites, Burger Rings and Tasty Toobs, said it could be several months before supermarket shelves return to normal. It’s understood the potato chip shortage is affecting major Australian supermarkets, including Coles, Woolworths and Aldi with availability varying across the country.

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Photo: PepsiCo, one of Australia’s largest potato chip manufacturers, has confirmed the potato shortage is affecting chip supplies. Credit
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