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Potato sprout management: 1,4SIGHT a ‘safe and sustainable’ alternative to CIPC, says product specialists

For over 25 years, 1,4GROUP Inc. has dedicated itself to providing value-added customer solutions in potato storage quality management, innovative application techniques and shelf-life extension through scientifically based product development.

Recently, we sat down with 1,4GROUP’s Canadian Technical Representative, Bill Orr, and Global Director of Research, Development, and Innovation, Bernd Frings, to get more insight on how 1,4GROUP and its products are beneficial for growers.

1,4SIGHT® is the only true dormancy enhancer on the market,” says Bernd Frings. “The active ingredient, which ‘naturally’ occurs in the potato, is involved in the dormancy process. The uptake of the 1,4SIGHT ingredient after fogging will either maintain or re-introduce natural dormancy”.

Incorporating 1,4SIGHT into a grower’s storage treatment program can result in unprecedented success when managing common storage challenges problems, according to Frings.

Primary benefits

1,4SIGHT was first introduced into the market as a dormancy enhancer targeted to bring an alternative sprout control solution that would be ‘safe and sustainable’ vs. the widely used carbamate herbicide CIPC.

Frings points out that 1,4SIGHT is registered as a ‘sustainable biopesticide’ product that has become the premier replacement for CIPC in the EU market.

This primary benefit continues to allow the industry to store potatoes for an extended period of time and reduce food waste.

Additional benefits

Additional research after 1,4SIGHT’s first introduction to the industry has led to the discovery of its ‘mode of action’ which is a gene activator in the potato, according to 1,4GROUP’s Canadian Technical Representative, Bill Orr.

“This includes genes activated that help to reduce respiration, weight loss, and increase disease tolerance in the potato. The reduced respiration translates to reduced water and weight loss, which in turn, will reduce the pressure bruise aspects of the potato,” Orr says.

“The increased disease tolerance of the potato is brought on by a faster skin set established with the use of 1,4SIGHT, and an actual genetic tolerance triggered within the potato itself. The results are keeping the “field fresh” quality of the potato at harvest for over 10-12 months in storage.”

According to Bernd Frings, 1,4SIGHT has become the “market leader” in Europe because of the unique qualities it brings to the industry.

Value to potato growers

1,4GROUP works side-by-side with growers, storage managers, and applicators throughout North America and internationally to customize storage treatment programs.

“Our staff consist of innovative industry leaders that continually strive to develop methods to improve application effectiveness and techniques,” says Bernd Frings.

“From small in-house testing to commercial on-farm sites, we are always looking to find a better way to bring new ‘sustainable’ products to the market”.

Bill Orr points out that 1,4SIGHT is an example of the result of 1,4GROUP’s dedication to the industry.

“We offer a range of different chemistry and organic/biologicals available that suit each individual situation. Other primary benefits of 1,4SIGHT include helping maintain field fresh quality of stored potatoes, which in turn, reduces food waste.”

Source: 1,4GROUP Inc.
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