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Managing PCN: 6 key actions for success

Bayer Crop Science in the UK recently published an insightful article on its website, providing potato growers with advice on the management of potato cyst nematodes (PCN).

According to information published in the article, the first step to effectively managing potato-cyst nematodes (and to a large extent, free-living nematodes) is to sample soils to identify the species present and the population density. This is best done after the potato crop is harvested as PCN will be most easily detected and therefore test results will be most accurate.

Testing pre-planting is also a useful management tool though it should be done in good time before planting begins to allow management interventions, such as rotation, trap cropping and chemical control, to be evaluated.

Further key actions discussed and explained in the Bayer Crop Science article are:

  • Understanding PCN distribution
  • Understanding the sampling results
  • Thresholds for Action
  • Using rotation and varieties to manage populations
  • Using nematicides to manage populations

Source: Bayer Crop Science (UK). Read the full article here
Photo: Credit Bayer Crop Science (UK)

Lukie Pieterse, Editor & Publisher

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