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APHIS posts new PCN Eradication Program report

APHIS’ Plant Protection and Quarantine (PPQ) Pale Cyst Nematode (PCN) Eradication Program in Idaho has posted its 2022 third quarter report (July 1 – September 30). The report updates program activities and eradication progress, and provides quarterly and aggregate regulatory, survey, and laboratory data.

The PCN Eradication Program is a cooperative effort between PPQ, the Idaho State Department of Agriculture, and potato industry stakeholders. The program’s overarching goals are to control PCN spread and eventually establish Idaho as PCN-free.

Stakeholders can use the quarterly reports to monitor program activities and progress. They can also use it to support their management or policy decisions as needed.

Source: USDA/APHIS. Read the report here
Lynn Evans-Goldner
Photo: Females of Globodera pallida on root. You can also see a brown cyst (dead female) on root. Photo source: Bonsak Hammeraas, NIBIO – The Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research, via APHIS website

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