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Interpom 2022: Dewulf to showcase several potato and root crop machines

Interpom 2022 is just around the corner, and equipment manufacturer Dewulf will display several of its innovative machines during the event from 27 to 29 November.

This will be the first time Dewulf will bring the Miedema Structural 4000 Smart-Float to an in person trade fair. Several widely recognised favourites within the harvester range and planting and storage technology will also be heading to the international potato fair in Kortrijk.

Miedema Structural 4000 Smart-Float: the belt planter that does it all in one working pass

Miedema Structural 4000 Smart-Float

Seeing as how the harvesting season is winding down, Dewulf is pleased to start looking ahead to the upcoming planting season. Accordingly, for the first time, the Miedema Structural 4000 Smart-Float will be physically present at a trade fair for you to discover.

The recently launched innovative feature on the planter succeeds in combining soil cultivation and planting in a much more compact space than with a portal drawbar.

Even weight distribution and ground pressure are the hallmarks of this automatic depth control system, which has been known as Smart-Float since its introduction with the CP 42. At the fair Dewulf will gladly introduce you to the options available on this machine, such as ISOBUS.

Enduro: the harvester that delivers unrivalled performance on three axles


Dewulf is pleased to showcase the Enduro, the latest 4-row self-propelled machine from their harvester range, at Interpom 2022. With the synergistic product of expertise gained over decades in the industry and inventive technology, this machine has a lot to offer.

To start with, the harvester is fitted with sieving webs that have no constrictions along the entire length of the machine. This feature results in optimal sieving capacity, making it unique within its market segment.

Equally unrivalled is the inclination angle of the cleaning module, which the driver can easily and infinitely adjust between 0 and 12 degrees, based on the desired cleaning capacity in the field. This machine also demonstrates flexibility by integrating a module with axial rollers, which can be bypassed at any inclination angle.

Moreover, thanks to the Soil-Saver technology, the machine presents impressive ground pressure figures (max . 1.8 kg/cm2). The high-capacity Fill-Tastic ring elevator is capable of processing 200 tonnes of potatoes per hour in a product-friendly way.

The 2-part bunker with cleaning discharge elevator, having a practical volume of 10 tonnes, is the largest in its segment. You control the Enduro using the widely acclaimed control unit. The ergonomic N-Joystick and large, intuitive screen make for an extremely pleasant harvesting experience.

MHC 241 with double stone and clod separator: processing and cleaning capacity at its best

Miedema MHC 241

At the Interpom fair, the MHC 241 receiving hopper, with a practical volume of up to 20 m3, will be equipped with two cleaning units with eight spiral rollers each. Cleaning is done with the assistance of the Clean-Boost unit.

This option allows the speed of the electrically driven PU rollers to be increased briefly, which clears them of adhering soil to maximise their cleaning capacity. The combination with a double stone and clod separator ensures excellent processing, with respect for the product.

In addition to the previously mentioned machines, Dewulf will also present the following stand-out products from its range at the stand:

CP 42 mounted with LSM power harrow: This mounted 4-row cup planter with LSM-brand power harrow combines soil cultivation, planting and ridging in one working pass. The CP planters are designed for potato growers who demand exceptionally high planting precision, minimal maintenance costs, and a simple control system.

Miedema CP 42

Kwatro: With this 4-row machine, Dewulf is bringing to Interpom a 4-row machine that has already earned its stripes over the past few years. The machine combines a classic sieving path, hedgehog unit, cleaning modules and the largest bunker on the market.

The self-propelled harvester allows frontal harvesting, resulting in an extremely high-quality product. Even in the most challenging, wet conditions, the Kwatro proves to be a very stable and reliable master of the field.

As traction can be adjusted per track/wheel, harvesting is almost always possible. Add to this the tremendous manoeuvrability, and you know you have a real top machine in the 4-row harvester segment.

Dewulf Kwatro

RA3060: The R3060 line is a household name within Dewulf’s range of sieving harvesters. The version presented at Interpom will be the 2-row RA3060, fitted with features that include three sieving webs, a haulm roller, a cleaning module and a bunker.

The cleaning module consists of 18 axial rollers, adjustable in speed and inclination (12.5°) from the cabin. The machine is also equipped with VF tyres, which provide even better performance in terms of ground pressure.

Dewulf R3060

MC 780: Single belt conveyor, 7 metres long and 80 cm wide. This belt conveyor is equipped with a Weight-Control weighing device, which has an accuracy of >99.5%. This provides you with real-time information on the tonnage processed, hourly capacity and current belt speed.

Miedema MC 780, Weight-Control

MB 33:This box filler has a capacity of up to 60 boxes per hour. They are filled homogeneously, in neat layers, through the use of a built-in product sensor, thus ensuring excellent potato quality.

Miedema MB 33

ML 1980:Fully automatic store loader, 19 metres long and 80 cm wide, with X-Stream belt. Through the use of the Premium filling program, this machine can fill a store automatically – without supervision – in perfect layers and with care for product-friendliness.

Miedema ML 1980

Source: Dewulf
Cover photo: Dewulf at Interpom 2021

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