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An ode to the potato: Is there any comfort food that does it better?

Potato, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways, writes Jane Stannus in an article published by The Spectator.

There are great buttery mountains of mashed Yukon Golds, and then there are oven-roasted wedges with lime, dill and black pepper, or baked russets with their innards extracted and mashed with sour cream and chives, stuffed back into their jackets, topped with a little grated Parmesan and then toasted under the broiler until golden.

Then there are potatoes peeled, chopped in half, bathed in olive oil, salt and lemon, and baked with a little garlic. Fried potatoes are rather nice too. Baby potatoes seared in butter in the Instant Pot are tasty – and can anyone really take exception to a potato roasted in duck fat?

Oh dear. That sounds positively gluttonous. Potato historians claim that once European farmers reluctantly accepted the tuber, Europe entered into a new era of plenty, where potatoes formed an easy crop and served as inexpensive food for the poor. That’s the thing about the potato: it’s not flashy, but for solid, reliable honest-to-goodness worth it can’t be beaten…

Source: The Spectator. Read the full article here
Image: Credit The Spectator

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