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Australia’s hot chip woes continue this summer

It might not be so easy to get your hands on some delicious hot chips [fries] this summer or when you do, be prepared to pay a higher price than usual. As Chantelle Francis reports for, processed potatoes used for potato chips, crisps and other potato products are in tight supply, the industry warns.

Tasmania is responsible for producing a big share of these in Australia, but the peak industry body for the vegetable and potato industries, AUSVEG, told ongoing wet weather had caused delays in planting seeds and in getting farm machinery for paddock preparation.

“On top of this, growers in the region are facing significant increases in the costs of production for critical farm inputs, including fertiliser, energy, fuel, labour and chemicals, which is adding to the burden that growers are facing in trying to get their crops planted, harvested and sent to processors,” AUSVEG communications manager Shaun Lindhe said.

Speaking to The Australian, Sydney businesses have already reported scarce supply and soaring costs.

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