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British farmers outraged as Sainsbury’s sells potatoes for ‘less than the cost of production’

Farmers have been left outraged as Sainsbury’s, among other UK supermarkets, has discounted the price of potatoes in the run up to Christmas, according to a report by Grocery Gazette.

As a result of the price drops, farmers and consumers on Twitter are fearing this will reduce the value of vegetables, while growers deal with added inflationary pressures, according to reporting by Farming Guardian.

Commenting on Sainsbury’s potato price slash, farmer Gary Harrison Tweeted: “It’s disgusting what they do every lead up to Christmas, selling veg at less than the cost of production. How can farm shops/farms compete?”

This comes as a new report by food and farming charity Sustain earlier this month found that UK farmers are often left with less than 1p on produce and see less than 1% of the profit.

Source: Grocery Gazette. Full story here
Photo: Credit Super Snapper on Unsplash

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