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The US state known as the ‘Potato Chip Capital of the World’

Everyone loves a good potato chip, but in Pennsylvania, they take it to the next level, writes Katherine Beck in a news story published by TastingTable.

Pennsylvanians’ passion for the salty snack is so strong that the state’s unofficial nickname is the so-called “Potato Chip Capital of the World.” But more specifically, there is a “beltline” in the southern part of the state where potato chips reign supreme, according to NPR.

Primarily consisting of Lancaster and York counties, the area has been wildly successful in the snack production industry, which NPR attributes to its hard-working Pennsylvania Dutch population and vicinity to major east coast cities, such as Philadelphia and Baltimore.

In fact, the town of Hanover, Pennsylvania, and several counties around it are the biggest producers of potato chips in the world, per Atlas Obscura.

But potato chips are only part of the reason food production has become a staple of the region. There is a long history of snacking in the state.

Source: TastingTable. Read the full story here
Photo: Credit Melica/Shutterstock via TastingTable

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