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New British potato groups out to recruit new members

The two new tattie organisations formed after the demise of AHDB Potatoes are appealing for support from growers as the industry looks ahead to an uncertain season, as Nancy Nicolson reports in a news story for The Courier.

The Seed Potato Organisation (SPO),  which vows to fund agronomy research, support the development of seed potato markets and focus on the economic and environmental sustainability of the sector, is looking for members to commit  £1000 to establish the organisation (which can be redeemed in future) and an annual membership fee of £29/ha, based on the area of seed grown.

Meanwhile, GB Potatoes aims to be a coordinated lobbying voice for the entire potato industry and rather than any levy, it  is proposing a voluntary subscription of £10/ha for growers and 10p/tonne from first purchasers.

Source: The Courier. Read the full story here
Photo: Credit The Courier

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