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Australia: Industry insider reveals frustrating reason for empty Coles fridges

The hot chip shortage has now hit close to home [in Australia], with the internet divided over a recent photo of an empty Coles fridge, writes Joanne Tran in a news story published by The Daily Telegraph. In a now-viral Reddit post, a user shared a snap of the frozen chips section at their local Coles, and shockingly, it was completely empty.

South Australian potato grower and AUSVEG director Renee Pye, recently speaking on 2GB with Joe Hildebrand, explained the frustrating reason as to why bags of the frozen Aussie staple were nowhere to be seen.

Ms Pye said that there were currently plenty of fresh potatoes in the supermarket, but because processed frozen hot chips use a special variety of potatoes, due to certain environmental impacts, there are now massive shortages.

Source: The Daily Telegraph. Read the full story here
Photo: A Reddit user shared a snap of the frozen chips section at their local Coles. Credit Reddit via The Daily Telegraph
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