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‘Not just a fad’: Is potato protein the next big thing?

You’re familiar with whey, pea, and soy, but potato protein? It might not be just a fad, writes Julia Savacool in a news story published by Yahoo!life.

According to Savacool, a new study in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise finds that consuming protein extracted from potatoes has the same benefits for helping your body rebound after a workout as consuming milk protein – long believed to be the go-to source for post-exercise recovery.

In the study, Dutch biologists asked a group of fit guys to consume a beverage made with 30 grams of either potato or milk protein powder after resistance training. The result? Muscle protein synthesis (a.k.a. recovery) was enhanced equally for both groups.

But since whole potatoes contain a measly 1.5 percent protein based on their weight, potato protein powder (protein extract from the “juice” of the potato) is definitely the way to go.

Source: Yahoo!life. Full story here
Photo: Credit k_newman from Pixabay

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