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European patent for DUG potato milk, new plant-based products in the pipeline

Veg of Lund, parent company of Sweden’s DUG that is the maker of DUG potato milk, announced last week that the European Patent Office notified its intent to approve the company’s vegan potato emulsion patent, which gives the potato milk its distinctive creamy characteristics.

The company’s vegan drink based on a combination of potatoes, rapeseed oil and a vegetable protein in the form of an emulsion. The drink is sold under the DUG brand in several European markets as well as in the UK. This means that the upcoming patent protection covers the European market, which can amount to 39 countries, Veg of Lund says in a press release.

“We are pleased that a patent is also approved at European level. The fact it is based on such an everyday crop as potatoes, shows the uniqueness and strength of the patent,” says Professor Eva Tornberg, founder and board member of Veg of Lund.

Veg of Lund has corresponding active patent applications in Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, South Korea, Thailand the United Arab Emirates, and the USA.

Veg of Lund’s says its comprehensive patent portfolio creates the conditions for the company to develop more product categories within new plant-based foods, such as ice cream and cream products as well as alternatives to red and white meat.

Source: Veg of Lund
Fredrik Carling, CEO Veg of Lund
Telephone: +46 703 121 942

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