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CropX acquires Tule, provides new solutions for specialty crops and drip irrigation

CropX Technologies, a leader in digital solutions for agronomic farm management, announced today that it is acquiring Tule Technologies, a precision irrigation company based in California.

This acquisition brings new data capture technologies to the CropX Agronomic Farm Management System and also expands its market for drip-irrigated specialty crops. CropX is committed to helping customers manage water confidently and efficiently with technology.

Tule brings a complementary new mode of data collection from above the plant canopy that precisely determines crop water use.

This news comes at a time of increasing demand for precise watering technologies in agriculture. Despite California’s recent deluge of rain and snow,  92 percent of the state is still considered “in drought”, while a whopping 100 percent of Nevada and 96 percent of Utah are also dealing with some level of drought (NIDIS Drought Status Update)

As an established global player in digital solutions for agronomic farm management, CropX gives farmers insights and advice on irrigation based on above-ground crop sensing data and below-ground soil monitoring. 

This latest acquisition, its fourth since 2020, will enhance its AI predictions, recommendations and automations, and add to its solutions for drip-irrigated specialty crops. 

The farming industry is at the frontlines of global challenges to balance food security with water and other natural resources and as a result, farmers need technology to manage water confidently and efficiently. 

By acquiring Tule, CropX is adding a new and powerful dimension to its comprehensive precision irrigation solution, by gaining a complementary new mode of data collection from above the plant canopy that precisely determines crop water use. 

“We are excited to welcome Tule to CropX, expanding our offerings to our customers to solve agronomic problems. With Tule’s canopy data incorporated into the CropX system, CropX is adding a new and powerful dimension to the world’s most complete precision irrigation solution,” said Tomer Tzach, CEO of CropX Technologies.

“At Tule, we’ve admired CropX for their agronomic expertise, engineering excellence, and global ambition,” said Dr. Tom Shapland, CEO of Tule Technologies. “We couldn’t be more thrilled to join the CropX team.”

Source: CropX Technologies
Photo: Credit PRNewsfoto/CropX

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