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Potato supplier Cockerill expands potato handling capacity

Leading British potato supplier Cockerill has recently expanded their crate- and box loading capacity. With the commissioning of the third Lan Handling crate and box loader, their handling capacity increases to a total of up to 240 bags per minute, using these three production lines.

Various product types

Cockerill offers its potato products in various package types based on the requirements of their customers in the retail, processing and food service industries. These crate and box loaders are used for loading potatoes in plastic and mesh bags of up to 5kg in crates and boxes.

Thanks to the automatic gripper change, setting up for a new product type is fast and effortless, which ensures a continuous production flow. Also, a future switch from bale arm crates to Euro Pool crates is already covered, as the Lan box and crate loader is suitable for both.

Ready for the future

Thanks to the successful implementation of these production automation solutions, Cockerill is currently exploring the possibilities for further automation of their packaging lines.

As Lan Handling provides a full range of end-of-line automation solutions, such as case packers, palletizers, crate erectors and (de)stackers, this partnership is ready for the next phase.

Source: Lan Handling Technologies
Vera de Winkel, Lan Handling Technologies
Tel: +31 (0)64 85 06 100

Tel: +44 (0)19 04 481 111

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