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Kettle Brand is elevating snacking with the introduction of the first-ever kettle-cooked, air-fried snack

Kettle Brand, a pioneer and leader in premium kettle-cooked chips, has launched the first-ever kettle-cooked, air-fried potato chip. The latest addition to Kettle Brand’s lineup, the Air Fried Chips, features the same big and bold flavors that the brand is known for, including Sea Salt & Vinegar, Jalapeno, and Himalayan Salt.

As the first-to-market air-fried snack, Kettle Brand developed patent-pending technology to kettle-cook and air-finish potato chips, delivering a light and crispy texture with 30% less fat than the original versions, according to a news release issued by Campbell Soup Company, owners of Kettle Brand.

Introduced in 2010, air-fried foods have continued to rise in popularity, with #Airfryer amassing over 6.6B+ views on TikTok, and potatoes being the top air-fried food. Kettle Brand is the first snacking brand to create an air-fried chip.

“In addition to the natural promise we make with every batch of Kettle Brand chips, we’re proud to be the first air-fried chip,” said Janda Lukin, Chief Marketing Officer, Campbell Snacks. “An air-fried finish is something no one else is offering right now, giving our chips a unique light and crispy crunch to go with their signature bold flavor.”

Source: Campbell Soup Company

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