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IFA: Irish potato farmers struggle with high land prices, limited availability as planting season approaches

The Irish Farmers Association (IFA) has warned that many farmers in Ireland are struggling with the unaffordable price and limited availability of land for planting as the planting season approaches. This situation, along with existing challenges for potato growers, is causing a decline in growers’ confidence, according to the IFA’s weekly market report.

The IFA is advising producers not to pay excessively for land to avoid jeopardizing the viability of their crop.

The report also indicates that Irish retail trade and home consumption have remained largely unchanged this week, with an increase in demand for processing material due to the school mid-term break. The price of peeling material remains high, and there are indications that stocks are tighter than the same period last year.

In the U.K., some regions have experienced ground frost on two mornings this week, leading to halts in planting in some areas. First chipping varieties, such as Sagitta, are being planted this week.

Across Europe, factories are working at full capacity, and Belgian buyers are driving the market, according to the IFA. While good progress has been made signing contracts, factories are still looking for more area to supply French fry production and crisping.

Source: IFA
Photo: Credit Shiwa Yachachin on Pexels

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