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Price of hot chips soars due to Australia’s potato shortage

Queenslanders are being burnt by hot chip [fries] prices. They’re soaring to as much as $12 for a small serve in the wake of a sorry spud supply. As 7News Australia reports, some stores have had to go to drastic measures to keep their fryer full.

Australia produces a total of 950,000 tonnes of potatoes a year, mainly in Victoria and Tasmania. According to Shaun Lindhe at AUSVEG, varieties specifically destined to become hot chips, have been impacted by unusually wet weather and in some cases wiped out. Fresh potato supplies are not affected, though.

Some chip shops such as Good Lookin Rooster are now importing chips from countries such as the U.S. for twice the local price. The company’s Chris Condon says the company is absorbing the price, hoping that the problem will be short term.

The estimate is that the normal supply of chip potatoes will be back in four to six months.

The video below can also be watched on the 7News Australia YouTube channel here.

Source: 7News Australia
Image: Screenshot from 7News Australia YouTube video.

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