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The TOMRA 3A: Belgian farmer finds an ideal solution to clean potatoes going into storage

Eric Simoens is an arable farmer and owner of Hove Ter Hille in Jabbeke, located in the polder region near the Belgian coast. His farming operation cultivates potatoes, wheat, maize, and barley seed. In addition to a farm tourism venture, they also do contract farming for other farmers in the area.

Last year, Mr. Simoens’ farming operation experienced serious problems dealing with an excess of soil and dirt clods during and after the potato harvest. This issue was particularly apparent when a large number of workers had to be hired to clean seed potatoes in storage to prepare them for planting. Planting of early potatoes started in March, followed by late season potato planting in April.

To solve the dirt problem and clean the potato crop before storage, Eric Simoens’ farming operation contacted TOMRA Food and eventually acquired a TOMRA 3A sorting machine.

The machine was installed at the start of the operation line which moves potatoes into storage facilities, in order to remove excessive clods, haulms, and other foreign material. During particularly wet years, an excess of dirt can make up 30-40% of the total volume of harvested potatoes, according to Mr. Simoens.

He expresses his satisfaction with the results, saying, “We now require far fewer personnel to do a great job, and the TOMRA 3A also removes unneeded material that cannot possibly be removed by hand. We now have a very clean product in storage that is ideally suited to be delivered to potato processors.”

He is also impressed by the fact that the TOMRA 3A is equipped with a 4G internet connection, enabling him to get in touch with a TOMRA specialist if any problems with the machine’s functioning arise.

“The technical specialist can see the machine on his computer screen virtually, and together they discuss solutions and adjustments that can be made to solve the problem until the machine is back to perfect functioning again,” Mr. Simoens notes.

Source: TOMRA Food
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