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Potato Sustainability Alliance podcast: ‘Exploring how to tell the story of sustainability’

“For farmers and the industry to tell an accurate and useful sustainability story for potatoes, we need to incorporate additional aspects into our sustainability programs beyond just asking questions and getting answers and scoring them on a scale,” says John Mesko, Executive Director of the Potato Sustainability Alliance (PSA) during the latest episode of the organization’s podcast series. 

Potato growers want to show and tell how they’re already implementing water stewardship practices on their farms. And people want to know how their food is being produced in a healthy and sustainable way. 

“People have such an emotional connection to food,” says Brandy Wilson, Global Sustainability Director at the J.R. Simplot Company. “So how do we foster that emotional connection to farmer’s sustainability stories?”

First, knowing the difference between water management and water stewardship is important. 

“If you’re just looking at a metric for water, you’re talking about water management,” says Brandy. “But when you’re talking about partnerships and programs, that’s water stewardship.”

Listen to the full podcast on PSA’s website here

Source: Potato Sustainability Alliance (PSA)

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