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AVR announces several new upgrades to its Puma harvester

With the Puma 4.0 AVR introduced a robust, high-tech harvester. “On our journey to further perfect the Puma 4.0, we have provided the several upgrades for the 2023 Pumas,” the company recently announced in a press release.

Comfort Drive

At the end of last year, AVR launched a major software upgrade of the ACC digging unit’s depth control mechanism.

Immediate advantages for the user:

  • More comfortable for the driver: the control performs very well under all circumstances (also in case of spray tracks, on inclined terrains, etc.), meaning manual intervention is no longer necessary.
  • A more precise control also improves the harvesting quality. A potato harvester’s performance is largely determined by an accurate harvesting depth. Harvesting should not be too deep, nor should it be too shallow. The less soil enters the harvester, the less processing is required. This means less load on the machine, resulting in a higher harvesting speed, less wear and a lower fuel consumption per hectare.
  • Also at higher speeds, the control – and as a consequence the whole machine – remains remarkably stable.

Read the full press release here.

AVR Comfort Drive

Precise depth control; harvesting less deeply; lower fuel consumption and even better harvesting quality!

Standard on the 2023 Puma 4.0

Reversible digging web

It is now also possible to reverse the direction of the digging web. This allows any blockages in the digging unit to be quickly resolved or any loss of potatoes to be avoided between the sieving and digging web when reversing the rotation direction of the sieving web circuit.

Optional on the 2023 Puma 4.0 with ACC digging unit (4*75/4*90)

Scraper on roller pintle belt

To avoid soil sticking to the roller above the pintle belt in heavier harvesting conditions, a PUR scraper is now available that keeps the roller clean. This prevents the loss of potatoes and general wear on the pintle belt.

Optional on the 2023 Puma 4.0

Low consumption

With fuel prices at an all-time high, we would also like to stress that the Puma’s fuel consumption is very low thanks to an efficient Volvo engine, a well-thought-out hydraulic system, a lightweight construction and large tire sizes. This is especially the case when it is possible to harvest at slower speeds (1,250 rpm). For example, looking at the average consumption per engine hour (i.e. these are not just harvesting hours) of all connected Puma 4.0s, 27.6 l/h is the average for the 2022 harvesting season.


More comfort for the driver, who will also be able to fully focus on the harvesting process: that’s what the new Autosteer option offers. A sensor unit mounted on the haulm topper between rows 1 and 2 steers the front wheels, allowing the machine to automatically follow the rows. This allows you to confidently reach the end of the right row even in very dusty conditions.

Optional on the 2023 Puma 4.0

Active narrowing digging web to sieving web

To ensure a smooth transition from the digging webs to the sieving webs on 4*90-Pumas with ACC digging units, an active narrowing system was developed. Two driven rollers on the side of the channel smoothly guide the entire product flow to the sieving webs. As a result, the machine runs more lightly, pressures remain lower, there is less chance of soil sticking under and/or to the narrowing plates, and consequently less wear and tear.

Standard on the 2023 Puma 4.0 with ACC 4*90 digging unit

Source: AVR
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