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IFA: Potato stocks in parts of Europe at an ‘all time low’, exports from Ireland upbeat

Home consumption remains buoyant in Ireland with current weather conditions; however, these conditions have put a halt to all field work and plantings, according to the Irish Farmers Association’s (IFA) weekly potato market report.

There are reports of enquiries from another exporter interested in Irish produce for the continent. Exports continue to Portugal and Holland, with good appetite for more as stocks remain tight on the continent.  

The 2023 Scheme of Investment Aid for the Seed Potato Sector and the Chipping Potato Sector is now open and will close on Friday the 14th of April. 

Plantings have been halted across much of the U.K because of weather conditions. Yields are described as disappointing from early indoor crops as light levels were poor. 

Remaining stocks in Eastern and Southern Europe are tight and are described as at an “all time low” and export to these areas remains strong. Fresh markets are holding firm with the occasional price increase and higher volumes of new crop from Egypt and Israel are now arriving.

Source: Irish Farmers Association (IFA)
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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