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Planters: GRIMME UK repeating on-to-one Exacta demos for potato growers

Following the success of last year’s demonstration programme, GRIMME UK is once again giving people a chance to see the GL 420 Exacta potato planter in operation.

Unlike other machinery manufacturers’ demonstrations, GRIMME UK has adopted a personal approach with growers able to see the planter put through its paces on a one-to-one basis at their farm.

The GL 420 Exacta planter is a four-row machine offering one-pass soil cultivation and planting.

GRIMME’s unique planter design achieves a minimal distance between tuber discharge and the following ridge form plates. This small distance ensures that the tubers always lie in the middle of the ridge, even on very steep sloping ground.

The mechanical coupling between the furrow opener and ridge-forming plate creates an exact planting depth.

The Exacta has been designed for fields of all sizes, with its compact design, without running wheels, avoids soil compaction behind the cultivator and makes it easy to use in small or irregularly-shaped fields.

“Last year’s product demonstrations were really well received,” says Patrick Graf Grote, managing director at GRIMME UK. “By taking our machines to the grower, they could see them running in real conditions alongside their current machinery. They had the opportunity to see how well the machines coped with their particular soil, fields and conditions, and they had time to talk to our product specialists at length. I think 2023’s demonstration programme will be just as popular, if not more so, than last year.”

Growers interested in seeing the GL 420 Exacta planter in operation at their farm, alongside their existing machinery, are welcome to request a demonstration by calling 01205 822300 or emailing

For more information about GRIMME and the Exacta planter, visit


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