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Idaho Steel to support skilled trades workforce development

Idaho Steel, an international food processing equipment manufacturer, is proud to announce its partnership with the College of Eastern Idaho to support local education and workforce development initiatives. The partnership aims to showcase the opportunities available in the skilled trades and recruit the next generation of talented professionals in the industry.

As the food processing industry continues to evolve, there is a growing demand for skilled workers with diverse backgrounds. However, there is also a shortage of workers with the necessary skills and experience to fill these roles. The partnership between Idaho Steel and College of Eastern Idaho aims to address this issue by introducing students to the skills and experiences necessary to succeed in the trades.

One of the initiatives that the partnership is supporting is the Construction Combine, a two-day event that provides a mix of classroom instruction and hands-on experience. Students will learn from professionals in the industry and get to practice their skills by building sheds that are donated to veterans in need.

Jay Bowman and Jared Bleak are two of Idaho Steel’s welding experts and are leading students in hands on training. Both Bowman and Bleak are passionate about teaching would be welders. They are patient, engaging, and dedicated to helping students succeed. Their hope is to inspire students to develop the skills and knowledge so they may succeed in their careers.

Heidi Oyola

Heidi Oyola, the Human Resource Director of Idaho Steel, is serving as an advisor for the Workforce Training division of College of Eastern Idaho. Her dedication and first-hand knowledge of the industry will be instrumental in helping the college offer courses that not only teach the necessary skills but also provide real-world experience and insights.

Through events, internships, and other educational opportunities, Idaho Steel and College of Eastern Idaho are working together to build a skilled and vibrant workforce for the industry. The partnership is not only good for business but also good for the community.

“We take pride in supporting local education and workforce development initiatives,” said Oyola. “Investing in the future of our industry and the skilled trades that power it is essential. We’re excited to partner with the College of Eastern Idaho and showcase the opportunities available in the trades to recruit the next generation of talented professionals.”

The partnership between Idaho Steel and College of Eastern Idaho, and many others in the industry, highlights the importance of investing in education and workforce development. With this partnership, they hope to inspire additional companies to do the same and build a stronger workforce for years to come.

Heidi Oyola is attending the Construction Combine and available to speak on the involvement of Idaho Steel.

Source: Idaho Steel
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