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‘Potato, could this be the future of plant-based meat?’ Royal Avebe talks potatoes on the Food Matters Live Podcast

Royal Avebe is partnering with Food Matters Live in a series of new podcast episodes about the amazing history, versatility, and untapped potential of the humble potato. The company says in a recent news release: “The potato plays a huge role in the global food industry and has been a core ingredient in many of our diets for centuries, but there’s a lot more to the potato than at first meets the eye…”

As more and more of us turn to a plant-based diet, the challenges the sector faces continue to come into sharper focus. Some of the biggest challenges are creating plant-based meat products with great appearance, texture, flavour and mouthfeel, according to Avebe.

Royal Avebe experts, Akkelien Vermüe and Jaap Harkema, join host and BBC presenter Stefan Gates on the Food Matters Live podcast to tackle the burning question: Can we find the answer to these challenges in a surprising place – inside starch potatoes?

The company says; “At Royal Avebe we know the enormous potential of the potato. Potato proteins, starches and fibres are fast becoming the ideal, versatile ingredients, helping meet the demands of the growing plant-based, clean label revolution. 

“From perfectly textured plant-based hotdogs to deliciously creamy dairy-free desserts, potato proteins and starches are impressively adaptable and 100% natural. This means they’re GMO and e-number free; the perfect plant-based alternative to many meat, dairy and gelatin products.”

Go here to listen to the 25 minute podcast.

Source: Royal Avebe. Original new story here

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