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Potato innovation: Sprout AI cultivates first potato seed using its ‘fogponics’ system in Panama

Sprout AI Inc., a leading company in the vertical farming industry, is pleased to announce the successful completion of its research project for the cultivation of the first potato seed from the “Karú” variety, produced in controlled environmental conditions in Panama, using Sprout AI’s proprietary fogponics system.

Transforming Agriculture: Sprout AI and IDIAP’s Joint Venture Pioneers Potato Seed Cultivation

“Karú” seed in fogponics system.
Credit Sprout AI

This project was carried out under the agreement that the Company has with the Agriculture Innovation Institute of Panama (IDIAP), the leading agricultural research institute in the country.

On May 11th, 2023, the seed were presented to IDIAP, the Agriculture Ministry, and farmer representatives during a ceremony held at the Companies COE.

With this project, the Panamanian government seeks to replace the import of potato seeds for cultivation, currently coming from Germany, with a national production harvested in the Sprout AI system.

The yield using fogponics in the Sprout AI habitats is promising, and the visit by IDIAP highlights the importance of technology in agriculture and its potential impact on food security in Panama.

Impact on National Food Security

The Deputy Minister in Charge highlighted the importance of this initiative, which will benefit potato producers in the country, especially those in the Highlands, due to its impact on food security in Panama.

She added that this project demonstrates that successful results can be achieved when the National Government and private companies work as allies.

She also pointed out that innovation is being made in this area, thanks to the joint effort with private companies such as TIBC and its publicly traded subsidiary Sprout AI.

Source: Sprout AI
Cover photo: Potato seed presentation on May 11th, 2023 in Panama. Credit Sprout AI

Sprout AI grown Karu potato variety seed. Credit Sprout AI

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