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Pulsemaster leads the charge in PEF technology for enhanced potato processing yield in North America

As a leading supplier of PEF systems to produce higher quality French fries and potato chips, the Dutch-German company Pulsemaster continues to innovate in this specialized industry sector by improving constantly on existing technologies, also in North America.

“With Pulsemaster’s PEF-systems, chip and French fry processors can expect huge improvements in product output,” says Mark de Boevere. “At Pulsemaster we aim to apply this innovative technology – also known as electroporation – in the widest possible range of food industry applications. The PEF technology that we have on offer meets the processing industry’s demand for natural and clean end products.”

De Boevere says that demand for Pulsemaster PEF-systems continues to be high across the world. The pulsed electric field creates very small holes in the membranes of the cells with electrical pulses – within one second – prior to cutting, he says. The gentle pore formation caused by PEF-treatment of the fruits and vegetables is said to make the surface of the cut vegetables smoother and improves processing with less loss of raw material, leading to more yield.

“You need 40 percent less cutting force to make French fries. You cut much better, you have a nicer cut and the fries don’t break that easily,” says Ben Lemieux, Key Account Manager for Pulsemaster in the Americas Region.

“You can shorten the blanching and frying time. Tough, hard produce like sweet potato, turnip and beet root become easily processable with PEF, to make French fries and veggie chips. More complicated cuts, such as deep ridge, waffle or lattice are now easier to slice with higher overall yield,” according to Ben.

Anyone looking for the latest information in Pulsed Electric Field PEF-processing is welcome to get in touch with Ben Lemieux for further information at or visit the Pulsemaster website:

Source: Pulsemaster
Images: Credit and courtesy Pulsemaster

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