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Pulsemaster innovates potato processing in North America with cutting-edge PEF technology

In the dynamic world of food processing, Pulsemaster is making waves across North America with its groundbreaking Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) technology, revolutionizing the production of French fries and potato chips. This Dutch-German powerhouse is not just leading the industry; it’s transforming it with continual advancements in technology.

A Quantum Leap in Potato Processing

Mark de Boevere, the visionary behind Pulsemaster, is at the forefront of this technological evolution. “Our PEF systems are not just equipment; they’re game-changers for chip and French fry processors,” he asserts. Pulsemaster’s commitment to innovation is evident in their application of electroporation across a broad spectrum of food industry processes, meeting the increasing demand for natural, clean end products.

Global Demand for a Revolutionary Technology

De Boevere notes the soaring global demand for Pulsemaster’s PEF systems. This technology works wonders by creating microscopic holes in cell membranes with rapid electrical pulses, all within a mere second prior to cutting. The result? A gentler processing method that yields smoother surfaces on cut vegetables and fruits, significantly reducing material loss and boosting overall yield.

Revolutionizing Cutting and Cooking Processes

Ben Lemieux, Key Account Manager for Pulsemaster in the Americas, shares some of the tangible benefits of PEF technology: “Imagine needing 40 percent less force to cut potatoes for French fries. The result is not just a better cut but also a product that is less prone to breaking.”

But the advantages don’t stop there. “The blanching and frying times are notably shorter,” Lemieux adds. “Tougher produce like sweet potatoes, turnips, and beetroots are now easily processed into French fries and veggie chips. Even intricate cuts, such as deep ridges, waffles, or lattices, are simpler to achieve with higher yields.”

Open Invitation for PEF Processing Information

For those eager to delve deeper into the world of Pulsed Electric Field processing, Ben Lemieux extends an open invitation. He encourages anyone seeking the latest information in PEF-processing to reach out to him at or to explore further on the Pulsemaster website: Pulsemaster isn’t just changing the game in potato processing – they’re setting a whole new standard.

Source: Pulsemaster
Images: Credit and courtesy Pulsemaster

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