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‘The Age of Snacks’: Frito-Lay and Quaker unveil summer snacking habits in the U.S.

As summer temperatures begin to climb and the U.S. population looks forward to the seasonal joys, Frito-Lay and Quaker today unveiled their latest ground-breaking U.S. Summer Snack Index, revealing consumer preferences and habits to enhance summer experiences.

“Food is an essential element of summer’s enjoyment,” stated Denise Lefebvre, Senior Vice President of PepsiCo Foods R&D. “At Frito-Lay and Quaker, we’re dedicated to comprehending consumer desires, ensuring they have the optimal flavors, snack varieties, styles, and packaging options throughout the season.

“Summer sees an uptick in American snack consumption, irrespective of whether they’re indoors, outdoors, or on the go. The data unveiled today affirms the critical role snacks will play in this season’s communal activities and experiences.”

The Summer Snack Index by Frito-Lay and Quaker comes four years after the release of Frito-Lay’s debut trend report. As snacks increasingly become a vital part of Americans’ lives – with 49% enjoying three or more snacks daily – this periodic report serves as a key indicator of the progression of food choices and purchasing decisions amid shifting consumer behavior.

In anticipation of a summer travel surge, returning to pre-pandemic volumes, Frito-Lay and Quaker have uncovered valuable insights to enhance the summer joy:

Pre-planned snacks can significantly alleviate long road trip stress, as agreed by 85% of Americans. This is an exciting prospect for those seeking novel snacking adventures, as nearly three-quarters of people see these journeys as opportunities to sample new products.

Snacks are high on the agenda. Road trippers below 40 years old prioritize finding their preferred snacks over seeking clean restrooms at their stops.

Snacks are key to a pleasant journey. Americans acknowledge the morale-boosting role of snacks during road trips (43%) and their effectiveness in mitigating traffic-induced stress (39%). Interestingly, 44% of people admit to hiding snacks from fellow passengers, while almost a quarter have used snacks to dissipate uncomfortable car silence.

Snack or Sound? 41% of respondents would rather manage the road trip snacks than the music. This preference is notably higher among millennials (46%) and parents (49%) compared to non-parents (36%).

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Source: Frito-Lay North America. Full news release here
Photo: Credit Frito-Lay North America

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