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Feeding Gen Z consumers: Insights into their eating habits, relationship with potatoes

A group of five Generation Z (Gen Z) consumers from diverse backgrounds convened at Potatoes USA’s Annual Meeting to discuss their attitudes and buying habits toward food and shared their perception of potatoes.

The panelists discussed various topics, including factors that influence their food choices and how they leverage social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram to discover recipe inspiration. Their varied responses underscored the uniqueness of the Gen Z audience and highlighted the importance of a distinct approach to engaging with them successfully.

The panelists have varying food habits; some prefer dining out four to five times a week, while others primarily consume home-cooked meals. They generally attempt to consume nutritious meals and incorporate plant-based foods into their diet, although they occasionally indulge in what they believe to be ‘processed snacks.’

Regarding grocery shopping, some prefer physically visiting stores to ensure ingredient quality, while others prioritize convenience and opt for online shopping or order pick-ups.

Most participants report consuming three meals daily, along with snacks.  Some were more health-conscious than others. The panelists cited Pinterest and TikTok as sources of recipe ideas and inspiration for meal planning. Typically, their meal choices are influenced by cravings, recommendations from friends, or recipes they found on social media platforms.

The panelists have varying preferences and knowledge about potatoes, with some preferring tater drums or fries, while others favored mashed or oven-roasted potatoes. They use cooking methods such as air fryers, ovens, or instant cookers to prepare their potatoes. When dining out, they often ordered mashed potatoes or fries.

As the discussion delved deeper into potatoes, the panelists displayed a knowledge gap regarding the nutritional value and different types of potatoes. While their opinions and habits may vary, the key takeaway is that there is a huge opportunity to educate this generation on the nutritional benefits of potatoes.

Source: Potatoes USA
Photo: Gen Z panel during Potatoes USA’s Annual Meeting. Credit Potatoes USA

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