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PepsiCo India launches app-based solution to monitor potato crops in real time

FMCG giant PepsiCo India partnered with agriculture cloud company Cropin and launched a crop intelligence platform for monitoring potato yields using mobile app-compatible dashboards.

Many Indian farmers have small landholdings and often lack the resources to monitor the optimum use of resources such as water and fertilizers. The new platform offers a simple solution for these resources as well as to evaluate pesticide use.

As part of its precision agriculture model, PepsiCo launched the pilot at demo farms based in Gujarat (51 farmers) and Madhya Pradesh (11 farmers), according to a report by News Nine. Blight disease can cause up to 80 per cent damage to potato crops, while ground frost is also an issue that potato farmers grapple with in North India.

The platform combines satellite imagery and remote sensing data to assist farmers through the crop cycle. Farmers can generate up to 10-day advance forecasts and monitor crops for health and potential disease warnings using the platform developed by Pepsico and Cropin.

The rollout of this platform is aimed at PepsiCo farmers with an eye on empowering them with “real-time tracking of crop health to maximize yield and quality,” said Anukool Joshi, Director – Agro at PepsiCo India.

PepsiCo is using Cropin’s plot-level predictive intelligence solution to reduce risk to business and make it more efficient through inputs on key crop health indicators, said Cropin CEO Krishna Kumar.

Source: News Nine. Read the full story here
Photo: Credit News Nine

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