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Australia’s Mitolo Family Farms develops sustainable paper packaging for fresh potatoes

Mitolo Family Farms, Australia’s potato and onion category leader, has partnered with Australian supermarket chain Coles, as well as global innovators in sustainable packaging solutions Detpak, to create what is believed to be Australia’s first curbside recyclable paper bag for fresh potatoes. 

As Flexible Packaging reports, the packaging innovation will see Mitolo Family Farms’ premium Gourmandine potatoes sold in new paper bags – delivering a 64% reduction in plastic (when compared to the previous packaging for this product). 

The new Gourmandine paper packaging extends on previous sustainability steps taken by Mitolo Family Farms, as the company previously cut its use of plastic packaging in 2022 by reducing the thickness of plastic used to bag potatoes. 

The packaging innovation is the result of more than three years of rigorous development, and the hope is that it may lead to other fresh produce items being packaged in a way that makes it easy for consumers to support recycling efforts.

Source: Flexible Packaging. Read the full story here
Photo: Credit Mitolo Family Farms

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