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World Potato Congress adopts Dublin Declaration: A global commitment to food security

The World Potato Congress (WPC) Inc., in its pursuit of fostering global potato community networking and value chain creation, has formally embraced the Declaration of Dublin: “Nurturing Potato Partnerships for Food Security“.

In a recent press statement, WPC notes it has been engaged in ongoing dialogues with industry stakeholders over several Congresses, and these discussions have gradually coalesced into a focused conversation on how the WPC can contribute to poverty reduction and assist nations grappling with food security issues. There exists a notable disparity in potato yields across various regions of the world. In nations where average yields are deemed low, there are nevertheless instances of innovative practices leading to a significant enhancement in the overall performance and utilization of the potato crop.

Public-private partnerships often serve as the catalysts for these transformative breakthroughs. The Dublin Declaration advocates for the establishment of partnerships that facilitate the sharing of knowledge and success stories within the global potato industry.

President VanderZaag’s Vision for Food Security

President Peter VanderZaag envisions a collaborative effort involving WPC Directors, International Advisors, Sustaining Partners, and others to address the needs of those residing in food-insecure regions by enhancing potato production.

Already, a portion of the funds received under the WPC Platinum Sustaining Partnership, amounting to 10%, is allocated towards this vision.

Aligning with the UN Sustainable Development Goals

The WPC aligns with the recently published UN Sustainable Development Goals, which call for action from all nations, irrespective of their economic status, to promote prosperity while safeguarding the planet.

These goals acknowledge that poverty eradication must be pursued in tandem with strategies that stimulate economic growth, provide social protection, and create job opportunities, all while addressing climate change and environmental protection.

The Impact of the WPC Dublin Congress

During the WPC Dublin Congress, 40 bursary recipients from countries where potatoes are a crucial crop but food security remains a concern were in attendance. The WPC is actively reaching out to these recipients to ensure that the support and networking opportunities provided at the Dublin Congress have yielded positive outcomes.

Looking Forward: The WPC 2024 Adelaide and Beyond

Dr. Nigel Crump, the co-organizer of WPC 2024 Adelaide, expresses his enthusiasm, stating that the declaration serves as an inspiration for the 12th World Potato Congress scheduled to take place in Adelaide, Australia from June 23-26, 2024. The event aims to provide a global platform to foster collaboration and establish partnerships to address the needs underscored in the Declaration of Dublin.

In the coming months, the WPC Board of Directors and International Advisors will explore the most effective ways to provide linkages and networking opportunities under the auspices of the Declaration of Dublin. The official document can be accessed on the WPC website here:

Source: World Potato Congress Inc (WPC)
Photo: Credit and courtesy WPC

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