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Annual Potato Processing survey: USDA to survey potato farms online, by mail, and by phone

Potato producers and agribusinesses are being encouraged to respond to the USDA’s Annual Potato Processing survey, according to a report by Livingston County News.

Potato processors make up a significant share of the United States economy, officials said in a news release. In recent years, the majority of potatoes grown within the U.S. were used for processing, and most potato exports consisted of processed potatoes.

The survey results will be used to establish final USDA statistics about the 2022 potato crop processing for official processing states. The National Agricultural Statistics Service will collect data for the survey online, by mail, and by phone.

NASS will compile and analyze the survey information and publish the results in its Sept. 27 annual potatoes publication. It will be available on the USDA-NASS website at

Source: Livingston County News. Full story here
Photo: Credit Shiwa Yachachin on Pexels

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