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McCain’s soil health mission: A story of french fries, regenerative agriculture, and a beloved TV character

Every year, the earth loses 12 million hectares of farmable land due to erosion. That’s roughly one soccer field every few seconds. Erosion ruins farmable soil, and a lack of farmable soil means that the future of potatoes, and fries, are at stake.

Thankfully, regenerative agriculture has the power to help bring this healthy soil back. So this National French Fry Day, McCain, the world’s largest french fry producer, is demonstrating the power of regenerative agriculture by showing the world that when we come together, we can bring anything back–even a beloved TV character who left us too soon: Barb.

For years, audiences have wanted to bring Barb back. Fans everywhere have launched petitions, created social campaigns, and even made custom merchandise demanding “Justice for Barb,” all in the hopes that their favorite character would return. McCain has stepped up to bring Barb back, demonstrating what we can achieve when we work together.

Using this revived character, McCain is showing how regenerative agriculture can revive healthy farming practices, and bring back healthy soil and vibrant biodiversity. McCain is committed to implementing regenerative agriculture practices on 100% of its potato acreage by 2030.

McCain’s core principles of regenerative agriculture include ensuring farm resilience, enhancing crop and ecosystem diversity, armoring soils, minimizing soil disturbance, reducing chemical impacts, optimizing water use, and integration of organic and livestock elements.

“Sustainability has become an increasingly important consideration across all audiences – particularly among the younger generation, who have a growing passion and interest in protecting our environment,” says Tracy Hostetler, Vice President, North American Potato Marketing at McCain Foods. “There’s a higher likelihood of creating positive change than ever before. It’s important to ensure that our sustainability initiatives connect with younger audiences. We want to continue encouraging sustainable practices in a way that resonates with them.”

This initiative is part of McCain’s ongoing efforts to raise consumer awareness about sustainability and regenerative agriculture. Last year, McCain entered the metaverse with Regen Fries – fries made from regenerative potatoes – as part of its #SaveOurSoil initiative. Partnering with Roblox, McCain entered a space where younger audiences could begin to understand the challenges currently facing the farming community and the benefits of regenerative farming.

This year, they made fan wishes come true by bringing back Barb, to help raise awareness and show that making positive change can be as simple as choosing McCain fries. The next time you’re craving fries, choose McCain. Because if we work together, we can bring back healthy soil for generations to come. #SaveOurSoil.

Source: McCain Foods USA
Image: McCain Foods USA
Video: The video below can also be watched on the McCain Foods Canada YouTube channel

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