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Restrain’s new podcast series to offer valuable storage information for potato growers around the world

Restrain company recently unveiled a groundbreaking new podcast series. This innovative platform is designed to equip potato growers and storage managers with crucial insights on optimal crop treatment during storage.

The podcast is a treasure trove of valuable knowledge, offering practical advice on ethylene storage, the Accumulator program, and ripening processes for potatoes, onions, and other produce.

Restrain, a pioneer in the application of ethylene gas to suppress sprouting in potatoes and onions, is expanding its footprint from Europe and the UK to the US and Canada. This expansion is a testament to the company’s commitment to sharing its expertise and innovative solutions with a broader audience.

The inaugural episode of the podcast features an enlightening discussion with Restrain’s Technical Manager, Adrian Briddon. Briddon delves into the benefits of Restrain’s accumulator treatment for potato storage programs. The company’s offerings present a viable alternative to CIPC for potato sprout control, the only post-harvest sprout control for onions, and a unique seed treatment program known as the “Accumulator”.

Briddon emphasizes that Restrain’s influence extends to over 40 countries, treating more than 100,000 tonnes of seed annually. This podcast series is set to be a game-changer, providing potato farmers and agronomists with the tools they need to optimize their crop yield and storage processes.

Go here to listen to the 9 minute podcast episode

Source: Restrain

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